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From its humble origins as a one-truck owner driven operation in 1984, Pollywog Transport, Inc. has emerged as a leading trucking provider of temperature controlled transportation. With a customer base that includes many Fortune 500 firms, Pollywog has earned a reputation for providing reliable, efficient and customer-focused service.

A third-generation trucker, Steve Teeple followed in his familys' foot steps.  His grandfather, D.F. Teeple, founded Teeple Trucking in 1872 in Decatur, Indiana. When D.F. died, the business passed to his five sons, including Steve's father. The business grew into a 50-unit unionized, regional less-than-truckload motor carrier.

"When you're born into trucking, you start doing all the  jobs," recalls Steve. "My family had the right idea. They exposed me to all the elements of running the business. My family gave me a million dollar education."

"Pollywog has grown and been really lucky over time. We have the best drivers, staff and  customers. We want to keep that tradition going by adding great drivers mechanics and staff to our team.  Looking for a career? Give us a call".  

It's a formula that keeps Pollywog A Leap Ahead of the Competition.

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